Writing A grown up Essay on My Dad!

Abstract: Relation between a son and his father has been spoken of as most crucial relations since concept of relations came in to existence, this article contains words poured out of the heart of the writer himself where he describes his Father as an inspiration to be a good person in life and all he dreams about is to be like his father.


3.Me An My Dad

When I was a small kid everyone used to ask me what I wanted to be in my life. The answer used to change all the time, When I saw Pokémon I wanted to become a Pokémon trainer, when I was introduced to cricket I wanted to become Sachin Tendulkar, when I saw Ramdev baba twisting and turning his body like rubber I wanted to become like him. I know it is hilarious how unstable our choices can be as kid, but if someone asks me today what I want to become I have a typical answer” I want to be a Software Developer” and in general an Engineer, but my true answer would be “I want to become like my father”. As an introduction to him he is person like, you can get one look at his face and you get a clear idea He is a strict person. You may feel he is some general or major in Army or Navy but he is a Chemical engineer. But wait a second you might be wrong, he is a very sweet person, he is just worried that I might get carried away in my dreams if he doesn’t keep a string tied to shake me up and make me work all the time when I lose my grip over the real world.

As long as I remember my childhood was kind of lonely as I was the first kid in my big family. My Love, I mean my mom used to be very possessive and never left me alone and always would nudge me, I couldn’t even move away from my cradle. God! she used to slap me really hard if I ever denied to eat vegetables or drink milk or denied to do my homework, But Dad he never used hands, his words were enough to tear me apart from the inside. I don’t remember a single day where I spoke to my dad in louder tone, even though today I am 21-year-old nothing has changed in fact respect for him has always been increasing in an exponential way. There were times where belt was used to bring some sense into me, I would be so angry… just felt why god gave me such horrible Mom and Dad everybody else is so lucky and I used to cry all night but never did my dad came and said sorry to me, because he knew he was right but I know he never slept peacefully after beating me. Being a member of “show no Emotions Group” my dad has never expressed how much he loves me or cares about me in a way he does to our little angel, I mean my sister. She is a lucky monkey, has all here demands full filled, living her life like a queen and I find her many times speaking in an angry tone to my Mom and Dad without a strike of fear on her face and guess what instead of getting a slap she is awarded with her favourite food in the tiffin or dinner that day…That’s unfair!

It’s really amazing how unpredictably frank he can be sometimes. There was a time when we used to travel from Ghats in the Sahyadri during the month of June while lots of waterfall would originate from the invisible top of the mountains and lots of couple used to get together to enjoy the nature up there. He would point to the couple moving ahead on bike overtaking our car and would say “Do you see that, that will be you only if you study hard or no one is gonna marry you, forget about your chances of getting girlfriends anyway”, that’s highly inappropriate but who wants to argue on such a topic anyway. Sometimes he used to tell me stories about how he used to travel 20 km to go to college and how he was forced to work with his mother to support his siblings and education, well I am really proud of how he has dragged himself from bottom to the top but I am incapable of understanding that drive he has inside him because I haven’t been through that same experience and with due respect I had a specific word for those story sessions “Lectures”. My dad always has been a person who could easily see through people and predict what kind of person someone is or what someone is thinking. He even predicted it correctly when I had a crush on the girl in our building and even worse, he used to tease me when she used to pass by. As a person I think of him as a man of his words and he had an opinion about me that I am a lazy pig and I won’t do anything good in my life and work somewhere as a watchman, well it seems like a joke now but he used to say it with such a conviction I would literally see my self wearing a uniform and salute someone who just now entered the gate…flashback. Actually he is a very ambitious person, he has a target that he should have at least 5 names of big companies in his resume before he retires so that he can work as a consultant in creating chemical solution for different products in pigment even after retirement. He was working in A Chemical Industry for nearly 20 years but when he found that his work was not given enough credit he decided to give a try for other companies. People of my dad’s age are happy that they at least have jobs and a stable lifestyle, getting out of comfort zone is out of question. And here he was who did change his company and now works as a production manager at Pedilite Industry, no matter how much I try I will never understand what is the secret of his energy.

Right now as I stay away from home my mom calls me at least four times in a week and when she calls the talks are like minimum 30 minutes and they can stretch up to 1 hour! But when Dad calls it’s like 2 or 3 minutes at the max. Even though he is kind of a tough guy type I have seen him work in kitchen with mom helping her with onions or even cooking! Even after working for nearly ten hours in the company he is ready to take us to market or to garden to get some fresh air. I don’t know how someone can be so balanced and full of energy even after a long working day. When I see him talking to his colleagues at work they have a kind of respect in their voice and their eyes for my Father. He is a very straight forward person, if he has something on his mind he just spits it out and some people get really hurt after all no one likes the bitter truth. He doesn’t have many friends and is kind of a family loving person. I think myself very lucky that my father has no drinking problems or any other bad habits except for he is not a sweet talker, when he wants to make a point he goes all lawyer mode and judge mode no one can defeat him in an argument expect for my mom, yeah she is really smarter than all of us in the family. When it comes to spending money he is very particular about our needs and our craving for unusual demands, but still my sister is quite lucky as my father is really rich now she can get whatever she wants. But when I was her age, even asking for a chocolate seemed like a crime. During my school years like between 4th grade and 9th grade my Dad owned a Maruti 800. He would take us to Kashid beach, Alibaug Beach, and a lots of different places nearly three times in month, that time he had a quite descent pay and we were just a middle class family, but these are some of the best memories of my childhood which will always have a special place in my heart. We do travel a lot even now it’s just that I am away from home most of the time for education. I have seen my dad buy a Bajaj scooter and I have really enjoyed my rides on that scooter, then he shifted from Scooter to bike, from Bike to Maruti 800 then to Wagnor- vxi and now he owns a skoda Rapid. I have also seen him work double shift only because it was my birthday month and I needed a new bicycle. Whatever he has done for me until today I can’t repay him because I owe him my whole life. All I can do is make sure he never ever feels that I disobeyed him or disrespected him in anyway. My dad is a person who is not very easily impressed and that makes me push myself even more and achieve something greater in life, I am ready to wait my whole life… just to hear this magical words from his mouth “You Made me proud son”.






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I am a Computer Science engineering student who was once told he is good at writing and should choose writing as profession and do something I like...well I ignored everyone and took my dads advise and am doing great now!!but letting out some steam is the reason for creation of this blog,ENJOY Reading!

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