Student Life



“Hey! at least finish your juice” mom shouted at my back while I ran out of my house to catch the college Bus. Just as expected the bus was about to leave, I ran and caught it in time. Catching my breath, I stared at the familiar faces, Classmates, Sports club friends, Gym mates and so many others, no one noticing my presence…everyone lost in their expensive mobiles. Well what’s new in that I was gonna do the same thing once I get to my seat. And there he was…my Childhood Friend Rishi holding a seat for me as always. And obediently without saying a word I went and sat next to him, no exchange of words we both just sat there going through our Facebook notifications.

The bus halted and we were at the front gate of our second home “Our College”. As a kid I used to feel that college going kids are so cool! there life is so awesome, new bikes! their own mobiles, they had this group where they would study together, enjoy together, party together, bunk classes together. But when I am going to college now I feel like…childhood was the best! Well we can’t help it we all have to grow up someday and be what the society wants us to be…anyways moving on to my class. The bell was about to ring and every one was busy in their groups playing Mini Milta and some were completing their assignments. The people who do that are called Nerds, who are very regular in completing their assignments and are really good at studies. I was just about to settle down when our professor entered with his big heavy reference book. He was getting ready for his lecture. Wrote the name of the chapter on board and started with a short revision of previous lecture. As the hour went by the was getting hot as there was no electricity today because It was Wednesday and it’s an official load-shading day. Everyone was in class, but mentally very few seem to be listening to what the professor was saying. Backbenchers were playing Clash Of Clans and rest were just staring in to space, no one aware of others thoughts and no idea where they might be right now inside their mind which was endless and unfathomable. Suddenly we all were brought back in class with a knock on the door. Our professor mumbling in an irritating tone went towards the door, we all could see him talking to someone but couldn’t see who it was. And suddenly a group of seniors entered our class with serious looks on their face, It was quite unexpected to see this gang of people serious cause this group of seniors was one of the most famous groups in college for there stylebajji, their attitude problems with almost everyone and especially their bikes! These group had some of the best bikes in the whole town and they would perform stunts on college ground with no helmets! How cool is that! It was live stunt show for us. But seeing those super cool studs so silent made us think what might have happened? Why are they so serious today, no cool RayBan glasses no funky style…they were not even in their best outfit today!

All five of them stood in front of the class and one of them had a big white cardboard box in his hand, one we see in voters’ ballet. They all looked at each other and one of them made a gesture that he would speak, he moved forward… but, he couldn’t speak, he opened his mouth to speak but instead tears rolled down his eyes. And suddenly we all were in a shock this was last thing we wanted to see! One of our coolest senior crying in front of us like a baby. And then we noticed our professor approached him and told him to calm down and made him sit down. Then he turned towards us and spoke, “You people might be wondering what happened, do you see one of their group member is missing, yes, that guy is in coma right now and this bunch of youngsters whom you call your seniors have just realised how dangerous it’s to drive bikes rashly.

And suddenly the picture was clear as water they were here to collect donation for that guy’s treatment. Student life… doesn’t it sound something that is exciting and full of dreams and success stories. Well the reality is something different it’s not the same as before. Today’s youngster has access to all kind of stuff due to the changing trend of owning a mobile at an early age. As a Student we are supposed to be studying and learning to be socially responsible about people around us and learn and analyse the wrong happening around us and doing something to make it right…but, instead we will be wasting our time on Instagram and YouTube liking the videos and sharing them with our friends, it’s like a competition who shares the best junk from the internet. The student today knows everything but is unaware of the fact that all that knowledge is not gonna help them build a good carrier. A good carrier starts from a book and a Teacher who understands you in a way which Google and YouTube can’t. As a student we are given a choice, whether to go with the flow of madness that’s going on around us or to stick to the primitive laws which defines a person as a student.

Today we are surrounded by thousands of distractions. Becoming a part of the heard is easy but, sometimes it’s better to step back and see where the heard is going, or you might end up doing something you don’t want to do, being someone you don’t want to be and living a life you don’t want to live.

Success is like an addiction too but it is an addiction you must have to see through other addictions and distractions that surrounds you. Being a student in 21st century is not easy. There is more competition and more ways to run away from it with statement like “I want to do something different, I will do something exceptional, I will become a YouTuber… and few other trends which seem easy to today’s generation than to sit in a place and study something from a deeper perspective. A student is supposed to be creating reasons to live a life at its full potential, instead we see them playing games like Blue Whale, because endurance through hard times of life is distant trait in today’s young generation. There are thousands of opportunities and jobs sitting out there but there are no employees which are illegible for those jobs because we were failures at becoming a student in the first place. The phase between 10 to 25 is the time where you decide how you are going to live your life for next 50 years. 6 years of hard work can get you into best colleges and best jobs where you can independently work and follow your other passion at the same time. In the end I would say, things seem to be ok right now…but, soon there will be time when being a student will become a joke and something that is followed only by the people who didn’t change with time still and believe in something which goes as ‘education is power’.


My new source of energy! And its free!

stock-vector-an-early-morning-walk-is-a-blessing-for-the-whole-day-flat-style-vector-illustration-fitness-503161717        15 July 2017 the date when i finally woke up to start a routine which will be with me for a life time and be a proof of my determination that i want to live a life which is full in every aspect of life-financial, health, education and relations. I have always seen it in movies how our hero a very dashing handsome man wakes up in the morning starts his routine with a run around the woods and long tracks having a perfect routine and diet, and emerging as a winner every single day. I always thought if that’s how the rich and successful live there lives why cant everyone just do that! Since it is my last year of Engineering and soon I will be travelling to USA for further studies i had it determined that its now or never! if i really want to change my life this is the time!

As you all can guess I started with a boom. I walked for like 10 mins and ran for        5 mins and again 10 mins walking I was amazed by the fact that I was really terrible when it came to stamina for running, i was huffing like a dog. I sat down and couldn’t catch my breath for like two mins… and i knew that there is a lot of work to be done. I am 21 for crying out loud! and I wasn’t even able to run 5 mins nonstop!

After my first day experience I knew that I needed this routine if I really want to change my life and live my dreams. I have tried this in numerous occasion like as a new year resolution, on my 18th,20th birthday, during my “I wanna be Captain America Fit” phase but it never worked out. But this time it was different, I had no choice! I was telling everyone that I was planning to do my MS in USA but was doing nothing about it which will show that “Yes that guy can do it!” I was not doing anything different which will make me stand apart form the rest of the crowd who will be going for jobs, quitting there further education. I had to some how prove it to myself and my sub-conscious mind that I am damn serious this time!

I went on for 5 days without missing a day and already people around me were wondering “what the hell has happened to him?” Finally I decided never to brag about my decision of  changing my routine completely, I kept it a secret and it will remain so because things lose there importance once it becomes a public issue and you are satisfied by peoples praises.

It is 2 August 2017, precisely 48 days of consistent running and walking and some workout. I have lost 3 kgs in one month. Even though I wake up at 6:00 am every morning I never feel sleep deprived. I feel like I have tapped into a new source of energy and its never ending! I work more, I eat more and I never fell exhausted. I was such a fool to have never come this far before. But I understood one thing… there will never be a day where you now don’t need to force yourself to wake up, every single day needs same amount of determination and will to wake up and go running and sweat! So all you need is a blank mind in the morning which does no thinking on your side and tell you how sleep is important and its okay if you don’t go running for this one day. Well luckily I took a 21 day challenge and after that I would was sure that yes i can do it, and now i feel awesome every time I reach that last check point. My stamina has increased rapidly and I can feel the difference in my body. The way I am moving ahead I am sure i am not going to drop my routine any sooner. And every day I go for a run I feel myself one step closer to my goals…







This would be my first word prompt so it will be pretty much a mess…leave your feed back below, a kind request to all reader…

When we speak of commit, it will refer to an act like ‘commit a crime’ or ‘commit a sucide’ (sorry i never heard commit being used with any other words…strange, isn’t it?) if we go further and put a ‘ment’ to it we get a noun ‘commitment’  which describes dedication,devotion to something that has become an insepearble part of our lives like a ‘relation’  with your loved ones . With kind of life we live today with so many distractions around it’s hard to stay in commitment with anything for a long time. Too many options are not always good I guess. For me as a student, commit refers to my education. How much focused can I be on my career and still balance my social life and keep with upcoming trends. Commitment don’t just happen they need efforts, hard decisions, and a good reason so that every second you are reminded why you are doing something. I always wished that I will naturally someday feel like I wanna succeed in life and change my life just like they show in the movies guess what its never gonna happen…until I make it get on my nerve and it becomes a compulsion for me to be what I want to be. I may be talking a lot of wise stuff but most of it is from books and has been tested only on small achievements. I have whole life ahead of me and not a lot of it is planned but I commit to live it to the fullest and make my living experience as rich as possible.

The Engineer’s Rap



So This is how it begins

The day the college starts, first day I am serious a lot

Gonna attend every lecture from first day, which turns to “lets bunk lectures anyway”

If you really think this is gonna be your year, something like Jio is gonna be there,

Don’t fall in love so easily, OR you gonna have backlogs just believe me.!

Then comes the Cultural Events and Co-curricular activities,

Your duty leave being granted is one of the rare possibilities.

As now we have a 70-30, make sure you are the favourite of your CC (<3 class coordinators).

Wait a minute, Rechecked Papers are here, Don’t expect much it always says “No Change Dear”

Are you sure why you are here? Cause more than technical you have an artistic flare.

READ-WRITE-EAT AND SLEEP a vicious circle of PLs, again REPEAT

Then comes the Day of Battle, Every Topper is Guardian in the exam hall.

If he won’t show the MCQs, he is gonna have a 3rd floor Skyfall.

Be aware the SQUAD is here, but who cares I am A SPARTAN no fear.

Such a relief, last paper is over

Party is on Excitement burning!

Oh wait! the notice board has something to say “Get Ready People its Industrial Training”


Says every engineer in a voice opposite to Glee.

If you think Engineering is that Easy, just get through 1st year and you will see

Engineers are made of an IRON will, if you are walls then we are Drills.

Well I am in no hurry, but I am have some assignments to burry.

So I stop here, but remember you can’t become an engineer…until you are born to be one, clear!

Writing A grown up Essay on My Dad!

Abstract: Relation between a son and his father has been spoken of as most crucial relations since concept of relations came in to existence, this article contains words poured out of the heart of the writer himself where he describes his Father as an inspiration to be a good person in life and all he dreams about is to be like his father.


3.Me An My Dad

When I was a small kid everyone used to ask me what I wanted to be in my life. The answer used to change all the time, When I saw Pokémon I wanted to become a Pokémon trainer, when I was introduced to cricket I wanted to become Sachin Tendulkar, when I saw Ramdev baba twisting and turning his body like rubber I wanted to become like him. I know it is hilarious how unstable our choices can be as kid, but if someone asks me today what I want to become I have a typical answer” I want to be a Software Developer” and in general an Engineer, but my true answer would be “I want to become like my father”. As an introduction to him he is person like, you can get one look at his face and you get a clear idea He is a strict person. You may feel he is some general or major in Army or Navy but he is a Chemical engineer. But wait a second you might be wrong, he is a very sweet person, he is just worried that I might get carried away in my dreams if he doesn’t keep a string tied to shake me up and make me work all the time when I lose my grip over the real world.

As long as I remember my childhood was kind of lonely as I was the first kid in my big family. My Love, I mean my mom used to be very possessive and never left me alone and always would nudge me, I couldn’t even move away from my cradle. God! she used to slap me really hard if I ever denied to eat vegetables or drink milk or denied to do my homework, But Dad he never used hands, his words were enough to tear me apart from the inside. I don’t remember a single day where I spoke to my dad in louder tone, even though today I am 21-year-old nothing has changed in fact respect for him has always been increasing in an exponential way. There were times where belt was used to bring some sense into me, I would be so angry… just felt why god gave me such horrible Mom and Dad everybody else is so lucky and I used to cry all night but never did my dad came and said sorry to me, because he knew he was right but I know he never slept peacefully after beating me. Being a member of “show no Emotions Group” my dad has never expressed how much he loves me or cares about me in a way he does to our little angel, I mean my sister. She is a lucky monkey, has all here demands full filled, living her life like a queen and I find her many times speaking in an angry tone to my Mom and Dad without a strike of fear on her face and guess what instead of getting a slap she is awarded with her favourite food in the tiffin or dinner that day…That’s unfair!

It’s really amazing how unpredictably frank he can be sometimes. There was a time when we used to travel from Ghats in the Sahyadri during the month of June while lots of waterfall would originate from the invisible top of the mountains and lots of couple used to get together to enjoy the nature up there. He would point to the couple moving ahead on bike overtaking our car and would say “Do you see that, that will be you only if you study hard or no one is gonna marry you, forget about your chances of getting girlfriends anyway”, that’s highly inappropriate but who wants to argue on such a topic anyway. Sometimes he used to tell me stories about how he used to travel 20 km to go to college and how he was forced to work with his mother to support his siblings and education, well I am really proud of how he has dragged himself from bottom to the top but I am incapable of understanding that drive he has inside him because I haven’t been through that same experience and with due respect I had a specific word for those story sessions “Lectures”. My dad always has been a person who could easily see through people and predict what kind of person someone is or what someone is thinking. He even predicted it correctly when I had a crush on the girl in our building and even worse, he used to tease me when she used to pass by. As a person I think of him as a man of his words and he had an opinion about me that I am a lazy pig and I won’t do anything good in my life and work somewhere as a watchman, well it seems like a joke now but he used to say it with such a conviction I would literally see my self wearing a uniform and salute someone who just now entered the gate…flashback. Actually he is a very ambitious person, he has a target that he should have at least 5 names of big companies in his resume before he retires so that he can work as a consultant in creating chemical solution for different products in pigment even after retirement. He was working in A Chemical Industry for nearly 20 years but when he found that his work was not given enough credit he decided to give a try for other companies. People of my dad’s age are happy that they at least have jobs and a stable lifestyle, getting out of comfort zone is out of question. And here he was who did change his company and now works as a production manager at Pedilite Industry, no matter how much I try I will never understand what is the secret of his energy.

Right now as I stay away from home my mom calls me at least four times in a week and when she calls the talks are like minimum 30 minutes and they can stretch up to 1 hour! But when Dad calls it’s like 2 or 3 minutes at the max. Even though he is kind of a tough guy type I have seen him work in kitchen with mom helping her with onions or even cooking! Even after working for nearly ten hours in the company he is ready to take us to market or to garden to get some fresh air. I don’t know how someone can be so balanced and full of energy even after a long working day. When I see him talking to his colleagues at work they have a kind of respect in their voice and their eyes for my Father. He is a very straight forward person, if he has something on his mind he just spits it out and some people get really hurt after all no one likes the bitter truth. He doesn’t have many friends and is kind of a family loving person. I think myself very lucky that my father has no drinking problems or any other bad habits except for he is not a sweet talker, when he wants to make a point he goes all lawyer mode and judge mode no one can defeat him in an argument expect for my mom, yeah she is really smarter than all of us in the family. When it comes to spending money he is very particular about our needs and our craving for unusual demands, but still my sister is quite lucky as my father is really rich now she can get whatever she wants. But when I was her age, even asking for a chocolate seemed like a crime. During my school years like between 4th grade and 9th grade my Dad owned a Maruti 800. He would take us to Kashid beach, Alibaug Beach, and a lots of different places nearly three times in month, that time he had a quite descent pay and we were just a middle class family, but these are some of the best memories of my childhood which will always have a special place in my heart. We do travel a lot even now it’s just that I am away from home most of the time for education. I have seen my dad buy a Bajaj scooter and I have really enjoyed my rides on that scooter, then he shifted from Scooter to bike, from Bike to Maruti 800 then to Wagnor- vxi and now he owns a skoda Rapid. I have also seen him work double shift only because it was my birthday month and I needed a new bicycle. Whatever he has done for me until today I can’t repay him because I owe him my whole life. All I can do is make sure he never ever feels that I disobeyed him or disrespected him in anyway. My dad is a person who is not very easily impressed and that makes me push myself even more and achieve something greater in life, I am ready to wait my whole life… just to hear this magical words from his mouth “You Made me proud son”.





Heaven Sent


She’s my star, she’s my light,

looking in to her eyes is like gazing at a starry night,

I see nothing but her soul, it shines…so bright!

I would say she’s the best in me,

It would be a cliché to say she’s my destiny.

Yeah she’s my type, just my height,

She’s my fit, she’s just right.

She’s like I used to think she would be,

Whatever I would go through, “together” she always says to me.

Sent by the Almighty she could be my angel wings,

Her voice sounds like an angel sings.

Yeah you might think i am playing some exaggerated strings,

But still I am just trying to compliment the sound she brings.

There are million ways to describe what my heart has to say,

But the butterflies in my stomach won’t settle down anyway…!

But I hope she understand the things that go unsaid,

Because the moment i see her, the song starts all over again.