Heaven Sent


She’s my star, she’s my light,

looking in to her eyes is like gazing at a starry night,

I see nothing but her soul, it shines…so bright!

I would say she’s the best in me,

It would be a cliché to say she’s my destiny.

Yeah she’s my type, just my height,

She’s my fit, she’s just right.

She’s like I used to think she would be,

Whatever I would go through, “together” she always says to me.

Sent by the Almighty she could be my angel wings,

Her voice sounds like an angel sings.

Yeah you might think i am playing some exaggerated strings,

But still I am just trying to compliment the sound she brings.

There are million ways to describe what my heart has to say,

But the butterflies in my stomach won’t settle down anyway…!

But I hope she understand the things that go unsaid,

Because the moment i see her, the song starts all over again.