This would be my first word prompt so it will be pretty much a mess…leave your feed back below, a kind request to all reader…

When we speak of commit, it will refer to an act like ‘commit a crime’ or ‘commit a sucide’ (sorry i never heard commit being used with any other words…strange, isn’t it?) if we go further and put a ‘ment’ to it we get a noun ‘commitment’  which describes dedication,devotion to something that has become an insepearble part of our lives like a ‘relation’  with your loved ones . With kind of life we live today with so many distractions around it’s hard to stay in commitment with anything for a long time. Too many options are not always good I guess. For me as a student, commit refers to my education. How much focused can I be on my career and still balance my social life and keep with upcoming trends. Commitment don’t just happen they need efforts, hard decisions, and a good reason so that every second you are reminded why you are doing something. I always wished that I will naturally someday feel like I wanna succeed in life and change my life just like they show in the movies guess what its never gonna happen…until I make it get on my nerve and it becomes a compulsion for me to be what I want to be. I may be talking a lot of wise stuff but most of it is from books and has been tested only on small achievements. I have whole life ahead of me and not a lot of it is planned but I commit to live it to the fullest and make my living experience as rich as possible.