My new source of energy! And its free!

stock-vector-an-early-morning-walk-is-a-blessing-for-the-whole-day-flat-style-vector-illustration-fitness-503161717        15 July 2017 the date when i finally woke up to start a routine which will be with me for a life time and be a proof of my determination that i want to live a life which is full in every aspect of life-financial, health, education and relations. I have always seen it in movies how our hero a very dashing handsome man wakes up in the morning starts his routine with a run around the woods and long tracks having a perfect routine and diet, and emerging as a winner every single day. I always thought if that’s how the rich and successful live there lives why cant everyone just do that! Since it is my last year of Engineering and soon I will be travelling to USA for further studies i had it determined that its now or never! if i really want to change my life this is the time!

As you all can guess I started with a boom. I walked for like 10 mins and ran for        5 mins and again 10 mins walking I was amazed by the fact that I was really terrible when it came to stamina for running, i was huffing like a dog. I sat down and couldn’t catch my breath for like two mins… and i knew that there is a lot of work to be done. I am 21 for crying out loud! and I wasn’t even able to run 5 mins nonstop!

After my first day experience I knew that I needed this routine if I really want to change my life and live my dreams. I have tried this in numerous occasion like as a new year resolution, on my 18th,20th birthday, during my “I wanna be Captain America Fit” phase but it never worked out. But this time it was different, I had no choice! I was telling everyone that I was planning to do my MS in USA but was doing nothing about it which will show that “Yes that guy can do it!” I was not doing anything different which will make me stand apart form the rest of the crowd who will be going for jobs, quitting there further education. I had to some how prove it to myself and my sub-conscious mind that I am damn serious this time!

I went on for 5 days without missing a day and already people around me were wondering “what the hell has happened to him?” Finally I decided never to brag about my decision of  changing my routine completely, I kept it a secret and it will remain so because things lose there importance once it becomes a public issue and you are satisfied by peoples praises.

It is 2 August 2017, precisely 48 days of consistent running and walking and some workout. I have lost 3 kgs in one month. Even though I wake up at 6:00 am every morning I never feel sleep deprived. I feel like I have tapped into a new source of energy and its never ending! I work more, I eat more and I never fell exhausted. I was such a fool to have never come this far before. But I understood one thing… there will never be a day where you now don’t need to force yourself to wake up, every single day needs same amount of determination and will to wake up and go running and sweat! So all you need is a blank mind in the morning which does no thinking on your side and tell you how sleep is important and its okay if you don’t go running for this one day. Well luckily I took a 21 day challenge and after that I would was sure that yes i can do it, and now i feel awesome every time I reach that last check point. My stamina has increased rapidly and I can feel the difference in my body. The way I am moving ahead I am sure i am not going to drop my routine any sooner. And every day I go for a run I feel myself one step closer to my goals…